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Ashtoreth, terraMasala & Stratosphere

Three artists perform dark ambient music transporting you to other worlds.
Ashtoreth, terraMasala & Stratosphere

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Event postponed until a later date

Artists Unlimited Presenteert

We regret to inform you that our planned live stream on February 6th will be postponed to a later date. In accordance with the rules and regulations communicated by the Flemish Government on January 29th (see Vragen en antwoorden over COVID-19 – Departement Jeugd, Cultuur & Media), we are no longer allowed to host the show at the Palazzo under the current circumstances. This live stream is intended to take place from inside the artist's home, but restrictions effective until the beginning of March do not allow for rehearsals or recordings at people's houses.

Ticket holders will be informed about the new event date.

We hope to see you again as soon as it happens!

Thank you for supporting these artists.



Statement by ASHTORETH:

"10 years ago we started organizing Palazzo Sessions in the intimacy of our living room.

The idea started out of necessity for certain acts to have a place to play, as bars

and clubs were not always the best venues for these kinds of musicians.

Singer-songwriters, experimental and ambient musicians prefer a quieter, more

intimate setting and our living room provided just that.

Due to the current measures we aren't able to welcome people in our home and

so we got together with the folks at Artists Unlimited to bring to you the first live

streamed Palazzo Sessions."

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is a solo-project in search of a shamanistic perspective, channeling at times

minimal, meditative ambient drones with layers of meandering guitars and

ecstatic, intoxicating voices and dark shamanic chants. At others a catharsis of

doom and drone, flourishes of folk, alt-metal, electronic noise and

experimentation. Always in a free and improvised form; a one man's journey into

the unknown, exploring new sonic landscapes with every live performance, a

shamanic journey through sound, flesh and spirit.



Steve Hermit (terraMasala) is a self-taught drummer/percussionist from

Antwerp. Having lived and travelled extensively in the U.K., Asia and (mainly in)

India from the mid-nineties ‘till today; 

the various rich influences, gathered along his path, are an underlying

constant flavor in the creative process of his self-produced tunes.

Having been touched both by the music and magic of these lands but

also by certain heartbreaking conditions, (Hermit) has indulged along

the way in some projects involving orphaned street kids and has used

drums and percussion as a means to teach, help, educate and

foremost to reduce some of the daily burdens some of these children face.

Over the last decades (Hermit) appeared on several recordings and

worked and/or performed with; Walter Mets (+), Koala, Jr. Mthombeni,

Butzenzeller, Walfredo Reyes Jr., Louis Conté, Wild Ox Moan, Jan de

Bruin, Ramsi Irani, Teun Verbruggen, Wim Van Bever, Kapitein Winokio,

Jordi Geuens, Ruth Verhelst, Isolde Lasoen, Jean Vijdt, Aniruddha Das

(Asian Dub Foundation, Dhangsha), ... and recently teamed up with 

Ashtoreth for a journey into musical adventures.



is the solo project of Ronald Mariën that started out as electronic

music, and evolved into guitar and bass driven drone, with a hint of post-rock and ambient.

Stratosphere has performed live on numerous occasions the last 7 years. Mainly in Belgium and also in the Netherlands. Festivals like Moving noises festival, (h)ear 10th birthday festival, H.A.N.S., Dirk Serries Epitaph, are among them and many more. Also Kinky Star Ghent, Antwerp Music City, Pop podium Volt, De Warande have been places where you could see Stratosphere perform live.



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